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Breath Easy Tea Lights - St Andrews Handcrafted

Breath Easy Tea Lights

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  •  Breath Easy highly scented luxury tea lights
  • Each box contains 8 quality tea lights
  • The perfect way to add your favourite fragrance to any space in your home or workplace
  • Add warmth to your room and the flicker of candlelight


Enjoy a little everyday luxury with our highly scented, long-lasting Breath Easy tea lights.

Breath Easy is a stunning blend of scents that combined create a sharp and soothing fragrance that is sure to relax and calm. With notes of eucalyptus and a melody of different mints, its the perfect scent for winter or summer colds.  Breath Easy is a very popular scent all year round with it's flickering light  and bright blue colour this tea light  will add  a soothing feel to your home , making them an essential home accessory.


Our tea lights are hand-poured in our workshop near St Andrews using only the best ingredients and luxury packaging making them the perfect gift or little treat to yourself

All our premium grade paraffin wax is supplied by a top UK Chandler, therefore by using the same supplier for all our wax we can be sure to get consistent results with every batch that is poured  Added to the wax is superior quality fragrance oils which create true to life beautiful scents that give a clean burn with an excellent hot and cold scent throw which will have your room smelling fresh


Each box contains 8 hand poured tea lights with a burn time of up to 6 hours each.

Our tea lights will brighten and enhance any space. Our tea light cups are made from plastic and are fully recyclable. Each tea light wicks is stuck by hand and they will safely extinguish once all the wax has been consumed. Add a touch of luxury to your room and fill it with the fragrance Breath Easy. 

Breath Easy




May cause an allergic skin reaction

Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Avoid release to the environment.

If skin irritation or rash occurs: Get medical advice.


Contains d-Limonene (p-Mentha-1,8-diene) and Pinenes. May produce an allergic reaction


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